Team Building

Looking for ideas to building relationships within your Management team? Does your Management team need a “pick me up”? Looking for ideas for Team Building away from your branch that will be fun and entertaining?

Rhythm Masters Entertainments organize a number of fantastic, originally themed teambuilding events that can be run over a whole day or just a few hours. We take pride in the fact that the events are very interactive and get people thinking and working together in an informal way.

Objectives of our Team Building events:

· Team development

· Build team camaraderie

· Improve communication & leadership skills

· Improve creativity and commitment

· Work to a deadline

· Motivate

· Participate

· Challenge

· Compete & have fun


Examples of some of our events that can be hosted:

· 4x4 Off road driving

· Film making day

· Ice Sculpture making / design

· It’s a Knock-out

· Paintball

· Spy Games

· Treasure Hunt

· Day at the Races

· Segway rally races

We are careful not choose activities that make individual people in a group feel uncomfortable or silly and when a group activity is selected we aim to ensure the groups have even splits in personal strengths.

For more details or to find out how we can assist you on putting on your event give us a call on: 01923 677358